Luca Cavallotto

Profession: Digital Designer
  • App Design / Development
  • Art Direction
  • Design
  • Web / Interactive Media
  • I’m a digital designer based in Berlin, Germany, with 4 years of experience. I help small businesses building their brand identity, as well as bigger brands straightening their pre-existent ones, taking care of every aspect of it from UI/UX design, corporate photography or product photography through the different media, both online and offline.

    My strict methodology and organizational skills allow me to deliver a solid product founded on a rigorous and organized design process, providing companies with consistent and memorable artwork.

    My work is functional, minimalist and elegant. Adapting the Strunk and White’s quote in their book The Elements of Style, I try to “omit the needless things”allowing me to deeply focus on what is really important and functional in a design, leaving aside anything that not contribute to either the content or the functionality. In my designs every single detail has significance: the color palette, the white space as well as every parts are essential and of vital importance for the whole design.

    Beside my main job, I run several personal projects, such as my photography project (


    Auctionata AG

    Jul 2016 - Present Free Lance UX/UI Designer

    Free lance designer focused on the new design for the iOs app


    April 2016 - Present Free Lance UI Designer

    Free lance senior designer specialised in creation of pitches for clients, presentation, optimisation of the CRM channel’s artworks and on the improvement of the CI and brand identity through different media.


    Aug 2015 - Apr 2016 Designer and Art Director

    Head of the Design team, focusing on the improvement of the existing CI, of the online presence as well as on the creation of offline ad campaigns. In charge of the quality check of the visual outcome after the development phase.
    Product photographer


    Aug 2014 - Aug 2015 Corporate Designer and Photographer

    Development of artwork, photos, films, flyers, brochures and presentations for internal and external communication.
    Further developing internal design standards for internal and external communication.
    Design of promotional and advertising materials such as flyers, brochures, posters, or infographics.
    Definition and implementation of company culture designs.
    Internal company photography and photo-editing/ manipulation.
    Contributing to the UX Design department by working on the main ResearchGate product Contributing to the Design department by working on the ResearchGate blog, news and help centre when required.