Holden Madagame

Profession: Voice Actor and Classical Singer
  • Acting
  • Media Arts / Animation
  • Music
  • Performance
  • Theater
  • I’m a freelance American voice actor and have been living in Berlin for a little over 2 years. I have experience with recording and post-production editing for things like audiobooks, videos, video games, animations, etc. I also have about 3 years worth of freeform radio experience, both in talk-show hosting and music shows.

    I’m a trained classical singer with a bachelor’s in vocal performance, and a variety of experiences in opera, art songs, jazz, etc. I’m always open to collaborating on new music projects, both in singing acting, and straight acting.

    What I’m mainly looking for here is to connect with people on voice acting projects. I’m especially interested in voicing more video game and animation projects!


    University of Michigan

    2008-2012 BM in Vocal Performance