John ‘Chief’ Stergiou

Profession: Composer, Sound Engineer, Producer, Guitarist
  • Music
  • Production / Directing
  • John Stergiou was born in Athens on the 18th of January in 1978. He grew
    up in a family with a long tradition in music and he started playing music at a
    very early stage of his life. He took classical guitar lessons and music theory
    when he was 8 years old at the “North Suburbs Music School” from where
    he obtained his degree in Classical guitar and Harmony.

    Besides classical music he played various music styles but his love has
    always been the Blues, Rock music which, according to him,
    finds its origin in the ancient pentatonic scale of Epirus in Greece.
    Epirus is also the place of John’s parentage.

    By the age of 18 he studied Sound Engineering and Music Production at
    “Mixing Is Art” with some of the best exponents in Greece as far as Acoustics and
    Music Production is concerned. (Akis Golfidis, Kostas Kalimeris, Charalambos
    Spiridis, Dimitris Mourtzopoulos, Panagiotis Petronikolos , etc). Automatically
    he got into music production, recording with artists, other times as a
    session guitarist and conductor, other times as a sound engineer.

    Meanwhile he worked as session guitarist, his credits include:
    Greek Composers: Nikos Mamagkakis, Mikis Theodorakis, Stavros
    Xarhakos, Yiannis Spanos, Antonis Vardis, Lakis Papadopoulos and many more.
    Greek Singers, Bands: Locomondo, Kitrina Podilata, Manolis Mitsias, Kostas Chatzis,Vicky Moscholiou,
    Melina Kana, Eleni Dimou, Giannis Giokarinis, Nikos Ziogalas and many more.

    A very special and memorable time in his musical career occurred when
    Garry Christians of the legendary “Christians” band sang his compositions, as
    well as a remake of ”Words” the song that made the ”Christians” famous.

    Since 1998 and to this day he produced and worked with many Greek
    bands of the underground scene such as Nightstalker, Last
    Drive. Deus ex Machina, Earthbound,1000mods, Blend, Van ripper to name a few.

    A few albums at Discogs:

    On 2002 he traveled at the U.S. were he performed live
    as a classical guitar soloist. Special moment was their performance at the
    Kennedy Center on Washington D.C. as they where the first Greek
    Musicians to perform in this Historical Center for the Performing Arts. in U.S.

    On 2003 John starts a company “X-ART.ICI music” an indie record label and
    after 2 years in 2005 he founds “REACTION STUDIOS” the biggest
    recording studio in Greece in conjunction with “REACTION STUDIES” a
    professional center of Music technology, Sound engineering and Music
    production seminars which he maintained up to 2010.

    A few albums at Discogs:

    Despite his whole enterprising activity John continued playing music as a session guitar player,
    and as a conductor with various Greek artists.
    On 2008 he created the Heavy Rock band “PHASE REVERSE”.
    He wrote music and arranged all the songs of their first album while he also
    produced, mixed and mastered.
    Since then Phase Reverse have released 3 full length albums and toured in Europe.

    On 2010 John produced ”YEAH” an experimental project an instrumental
    album with music composed since 2000. Influenced by the traditional Greek
    music to the World’s Classical masterpieces, YEAH was an experiment on a
    personal basis sounds and experiences tailored to today’s music. The
    subjects of Yeah stems from the very title of the project which means Earth
    (nature) in Greek and is for John the mother of us all.


    North Suburbs Music School

    1990-1998 Degree in Classical guitar and Harmony

    Mixing is Art

    1995-1998 Degree in Music Production, Sound Engineering and Acoustics


    Reaction Studios (2005-2010), Cornerstone Studios

    2005 - UNTIL TODAY CEO, Sound Engineer, Producer