Profession: Illustrator
  • Acting
  • Art
  • Design
  • Modeling
  • I am a young professional currently living in Berlin. I mostly focus on Illustrating and creating and selling my art works but also lend my hand to some modelling and I do very much enjoy acting also.
    I would describe my art work as intricate, psychedelic, art-nouveau blackwork.
    I love getting involved in lots of projects and I love working with other people.


    University of the West of England

    September 2010 - June 2013 BA (Hons) Illustration

    I studied a degree in Illustration in Bristol; England, a city that is quite similar to Berlin in that it has a great music and arts alternative culture of people.


    Bristol Green Capital Project

    May - June Illustrator

    - A commission I worked on for the Bristol Green Capital. The project aim was to illustrate my depiction of a greener, more resilient future city of Bristol. The illustration was drawn directly onto a geodesic dome which toured the city of Bristol for 4 months of the summer where members of the public could give their own viewpoint on what would make the city more resilient and greener in years to come. It was a great way to encapsulate a vision from many walks of life in the city, bringing together community and lots of different businesses, ideas and projects to come together with a shared view of improving the very community they live in.