Matias Nicolas Franco

Profession: Photographer
  • Class / Workshop
  • Film / Video
  • Photography
  • I worked nine years as NPS (Nikon Professional Service) for Nikon Argentina. I was been in charge, along with other photographers, in the organization of Nikon School in Buenos Aires and Peru. In my work as a photographer I covered the shows for the Argentinian band, “Hamacas al Rio” for over three years. For them, I make the cover of the supplement Shows in the Buenos Aires Herald. I have done freelance work in the Dakar Rally in 2009 and 2010. As well I’ve also worked for Beretta Galery in Buenos Aires. I am contributor as a photographer and writer for the newspaper Perfil. And I write regularly for the magazine Photography “Contrastes”. As a filmmaker, I specialized in photography and lighting. I have knowledge of technical English and German language skills. As well I have experience in image editing Fine Art. Developing of analog film.