Lizeth Soto RIvas

Profession: Photographer
  • Photography
  • Liz grew up in Durango, Mex. She moved to Puebla in 2001 where she earned a Bachelors Degree in Communications from one of the top universities “Universidad de las Américas Puebla”. Since graduating in 2006, she has held positions in different fields of work such as advertising, design, and organizational communication. Liz began her career as an editor in chief of “Automovimiento”, an automotivemagazine in the city of Puebla, Mexico. She was later hired as a Communications Coordinator in the Puebla FCP Community Foundation. In 2008, she returned to her hometown, Durango, where she started a business with her brother Nelson, a prominent photographer in their city. (Ficcion Digital Producciones). At the same time, Liz discovered her love of teaching and became a professor at the Universidad Autónoma España de Durango, teaching various subjects in the fields of design, photography and advertising. She also worked as a Design Coordinator for the Durango government’s “National Fair of Durango 2008″.

    She moved to Boston in September of 2009 with the strong conviction to further her studies in photography at Mass Art and NESOP, as well as her studies in the English language at Harvard. She lived there until Spring of 2013.

    Liz currently resides in Berlin since June 2014 where she’s starting a new life with her husband. In May 2015 she started a project selling her photos in art markets around the city. Also, in this month, she featured her photo on the Fieber Festival 2015 in the same city.


    MassArt , Boston, MA.

    Jan 2011-Jun 2011 Street Photography Course

    NESOP - Boston, MA.

    Sept. 2011-Jun 2012 Photography

    Harvard University

    Sept. 2010-Jun 2011 English: Integrated Skills C y D

    Universidad de Alicante

    Sept. 2012 - Jun 2013 Executive Master in Social Media Managment for Business

    Universidad de las Américas - Puebla / México.

    Sept. 2001-Jun. 2007 Degree in Communication Sciences