Lilian Syrigou

Profession: Jewellery Designer
  • Art
  • Lilian Syrigou comes from Greece and is a Berlin-based professional jewellery designer. Since finishing her studies in handmade jewellery in Athens at 2005, she started exhibiting her work in different places such as Syros, Rhodes, Athens, Bonn, Leipzig and Berlin.
    In 2007 Lilian opened her own commercial space in Athens, showcasing the playful charm and fairy-tale themes encompassed in her colourful creations.
    In 2012, after a successful few years in Athens, she moved to Berlin, where she created a small gallery and began selling her wares at art markets and exhibitions across this big city.
    Lilian‘s work is characterised by bright colours, a poignant sense of humour and an underlying note of nostalgia. The basic materials that are used in her work are silver, enamels, silk fabrics, lace and semi-precious stones. Since coming to Berlin Lilian has developed an interest in new materials such as concrete, wood, bronze, and by incorporating these materials into her work, a whole new and exciting design concept has emerged.
    Lilian’s work involves marrying precious to semi-precious materials and she believes that every jewel is a small journey to imaginary and fantastic worlds where happiness, joy, colours and positive thoughts dominate.


    Mokume Art School

    2002-2005 silversmith


    Lilian Syrigou

    2007 -2010 Shop / Workshop owner

    In 2007 I opened my own commercial space in Athens, showcasing works of art (such as handmade jewellery, clothes, bags and decorative objects) from multiple talented artists.

    Feli by Fedra Richter and Lilian Syrigou

    11/2012 - 03/2014 Gallery / Shop co-Owner

    Feli-the factory was founded 4 years ago by me and my college, Phaedra Richter. She as a digital painter and me as a jewellery designer, we have been working together some years now, combining our work and telling “our stories” in our exhibitions around the world (Austria, Germany, Greece…). In 2012 we created our Pop-Up Gallery/Shop in Berlin called “Feli the factory” which was for us, just a longer station for (a little bit more than) one year. Now we continue our project as an online shop and we are more than open for exhibitions and pop-up shops around the world!
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