Francisco c.p. Vasconcelos

Profession: Architect / Photographer
  • Art
  • The concept of meta-universe proposed by physics as a hypothetical set of multiple universes chained and characterized in what they contain in themselves: the notions of space, time, matter and energy, as well as the laws of physics and its variants, defining a programmatic arch in my work, trying to redirect the look from a photographic project that presents itself through a double proposition: first, questioning the medium of photography still as solid testimony and eyeliner tissue of Euclidean reality in their understanding shape and apparent space, an oscillating ideology between presence and absence; on the other hand, using the simple multiple-exposure technique paving the way for a number of possibilities from which I aspire to “create” new forms and visions of the truth and consistency of what the lens does not fail to capture. It is as by rescuing the photography record itself – and as such the freezing of the things we see and experience – the possibility of this becoming a double origin, establishing a set of images that define a stance taken in which the reality that surrounds us not can be measured in its completeness. Through this view I will photograph the city of Prague, walking the city as soon I arrive, during the night and day, registering my perceptions of the city and its reality, its inhabitants and its users, so by to speak, extending the exploration of the city reality through the multiverse concept.