Mar Vicens

Profession: Architect Designer
  • Architecture
  • I’m an architect with experience in the fields of scenography, interior design, exhibitions, installations and graphic design.

    My previous working experiences -not free of eclecticism- have shown me what I’m best at doing, or at least what I find more joy in doing: Finding a frame to narrate a story/concept or catalyze a certain mood in a space, making use of my technical background.

    Within this pretty broad context; I’m very eager to work and collaborate!

    If you wish to make any question, proposal or want to see my portfolio please contact me here or in my email address:

    Have a nice day!



    Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain

    2005-2012 Master degree in Superior Architecture

    Master degree completed with honours: 9.5/10


    Atelier Hotel Pro Forma

    2013-2014 Architect Scenographer

    Atelier Hotel Pro Forma is an art laboratory specialized in performative productions for the big stages and installations.
    I worked under the direction of Kirsten Delholm, mainly at a large scale production called cosmos+, a performance which explores discoveries of the universe- through the use of sophisticated visual technical strategies, live pulsating music, actors and physical architectural elements. My main tasks were concept development and overall stage and lightning design, as well as technical detailing and lastly supervision of the manufacturing state of the different elements used.
    At Hotel Pro Forma I was also involved in the making of three different art events, shaping the exhibition space and curating the artwork. In these exhibitions I also exhibited my first pieces.


    Jean Louis Deniot Interior Architecture

    2014-2015 Architect

    9 months architect position for the interior design office Jean Louis Deniot. Here I was in charge of the elaboration of proposals for different architecture projects in New York, London and Paris.


    2013 Freelance editor

    Freelance editing for the Phaeton Architecture Atlas


    2011-2013 Interior Architect and Graphic design

    +Interior design as well as brand image and marketing strategy for the restaurant BeGreen in Valencia, Spain 2012.
    +Interior design for a private home in Valencia, 2013.
    +Graphic designs for private events.

    Arcus Temporum Festival

    2012 Scenographer

    Design and construction of a concert hall installation to host the classical concerts of the Arcus Temporum Festival for the Scenic Arts in Hungary.


    2009-2011 Event organizer & Architecture workshop tutor

    As an active member of the EASA (European Assembly of Students of Architecture) platform, I’ve developed different tasks such as: event organiser and workshop tutor and supervisor.

    Estudio Bolsería

    2008-2010 Architect intern