Philippe Rives – pr | photographer

Profession: Photographer
  • Photography
  • Though I’ve been shooting for quite a while now, I started to take it to a serious level for about a year now.
    My interest goes to relation between light, contrast, details and perspective.
    I’m looking for various and very different subjects and themes to shoot.

    I’m based in Berlin…

    Been shooting:
    – fashion shows
    – bondage
    – artists
    – urban spaces and landscapes
    – people
    – tango and milongas

    Am constantly looking for female models to try out new researches, specially on partly nude body parts.
    Am, in that idea, interested in texturing the body, B&W shots, light and contrast on localized skin areas.
    Ideal would be unexperienced (or not that much experienced) models as I cannot afford the cost.
    Experienced models who wish to have fun and look for new collaborative inspiration are much welcome.
    Collaboration is based on sharing the best shots for free.
    But I’m open for paid request as well ;-)

    No porn, no erotic, no abuse.