Carsten Fleck

Profession: Photographer
  • Photography
  • I spent many years in NYC. I started out as a photo assistant and later on worked as a freelance photographer for clients like Victoria’s Secret, Island Records, London Fog and Samsung.

    My passion for photography stems from the realisation that it is the only medium with the ability to freeze the only time that really exists, the moment. When we contemplate time we think about three segments: Past, present and future. But two of these segments do not exist. The past is based on memories of moments that have past and the future is a projection of the past upon what lies ahead. Neither the past nor the future exists only the present does. Only the moment is to a certain degree real. Our mind might still project things onto what happens while it is happening and tint our experience but at least there is movement in the now. Nothing moves in the past or in the future since both of them only exist in our minds.

    Taking a photograph is giving the moment a reference since it freezes it in time. If we look at an image that had been taken decades ago it was still taken in the same moment as the moment we look at it since the moment itself has no beginning and no end. That means the camera is a tool to freeze the now in time even though in reality the now it is timeless.