Justin Raymond Merino

Profession: Creative & Project Director
  • Advertising
  • Art Direction
  • Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Other
  • Knowledge, enthusiasm and fifteen years of diverse experiences have made Justin Raymond Merino a dexterous professional in his field. Polishing his multifaceted portfolio, Justin stands out as an adept manager and developer of diverse projects, encompassing various spheres from facility design & management to international cultural enterprises.

    Justin’s education includes Business Management studies at COC, a degree in Design and Visual Communications from the University of Pennsylvania, and in Film & Cinema from the University of London. A strong believer in self-advancement, he’s received certificates in Project Management from Pinnacle P.D., Exhibition Design from Node’s Center for Curatorial Studies, while his participation in numerous educational programmes at Museum of Modern Art in New York bring him irreplaceable practical knowledge.

    Over more than a decade of supervisory practice, Justin has been active as Operations/Merger Coordinator at Ferguson Enterprises, Inc, Facilities Consultant for Warner Music Group, Manager within the International Television Department at Warner Bros. Studios, Head Coordinator at LuxeLab & ArtLab, and Facilities Coordinator at Los Angeles Fire Department among others, his responsibilities have included overseeing staff of 40+ people, educational trainings for more than 1000 employees, and handling of $4.5 million project design and development budget.

    His progressive character, innovative ideas and communicational adeptness promoted Justin in becoming Operations and Artist Relations Director at the Manhattan, New York based Artist Pension Trust in early 2012. His duties included handling of investments and corporate relations with over 700 clients in the UK, Los Angeles and New York regions, and he was the responsible person for the global Operations and Logistics staff and business development. December 2012 marked Justin’s promotion into Director General of the newly founded non-profit APT Institute, for which he played an integral role in developing the concept, branding and marketing strategies, while staying in charge of the key operational aspects of both companies until 2014. He remains active as an Associate Curator for the Artist Pension Trust, most recently broadening his activities in the field and beyond with his own venture.

    Having a keen interest in the world of “freelancing”, Justin was inspired to devise a new concept of working, which would fuse all of his skills as a project developer and manager. In April 2014, he founded kulturspace, a fresh cultural and creative platform, devoted to connecting professionals and institutions from the international scene, offering a wide spectrum of supporting and promotional services in realisation of various programmes. Currently, Justin is the acting Project Director of kulturspace, while maintaining his curatorial and consulting activities.

    A native of Los Angeles, California, Justin Raymond Merino presently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.