André Soares

Profession: InWhiteOut
  • Performance
  • André Soares

    is a independent artist, dance sculptor, researcher and improviser,

    working in sculptures for choreography and performance, born in Portugal in 1981.

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    “Everything comes from the undifferentiated emptiness, immeasurable, unfathomable, that can never be exhausted. I trust action and life and that’s why transformation towards art and creativity is a way of living: art is not intellectually reachable, is not a luxury, vital as food, water…is where the body can connect. The Conscious Spontaneity is the motor for investigation, a work of consciousness to transform, to exist, to sculpture sharing in the very act of the encounter. What I propose, as artist towards improvised dances and present time creative processes, is to replace “representing” by “being”. This way it’s possible to connect with the meaning of the movement, of the action, having pleasure in time, rhythm, space and what we want to express with the material, at the same time act|move|dance with Others. Tolls: energy, frequency and vibration.”

    To understand how the material world is created and what keeps it in a perpetual motion, I need to study the language of the living energy codes of matter, with bodies, which are made of light, sound, frequency and vibration. Is the material world made of matter? how to understand the mechanics behind it.

    André Soares researches and creates trough choreography and visuals, objects, light, sound and sculpture mediums. The interest in invisible sculptures and erosion or exposition of the material_body to archetypes draw the study of concepts and movement related to the understanding of the multiple_body in different contexts, cross-fading time (past, present, FUTURE) with space (body, architecture, nature) trough frequencies of presence and perception.


    MA and BA in Industrial Design; BA in Contemporary Dance and Post-Graduation in Physical Theater. Choreographer, mover, designer, sculptor, teacher and always student_observer.

    In 2008 he had the opportunity to meet and work with Pina Bausch’s Company, in “Marzurka Fogo” at CCB. In 2009 he presented the solos “Glass” by Rui Horta and “O Rei no Exilio” by Francisco Camacho and in “Bons Sentimentos, Maus Sentimentos” by Vera Mantero. Concluded the studies program of creation and choreographic research, PEPCC at Forum Dança. Had the possibility to learn, work and be with professionals from different areas of design, creation, dance and theatre as Fernando Brizio, João Tabarra, José Gil, André Lepecki, Clara Andermat, João Fiadeiro, Francisco Camacho, Rui Horta, Vera Mantero, Lisa Nelson, Mark Tompkins, Minako Seki and Meg Stuart among others. In Berlin finished a post-graduation on physical dance theatre at the Berlin Post School with Tanzfabrik, in 2010. He collaborates with the COAC Company | Fabian Chyle. He is a member of the Flocks and Shoals collective. Founder of InWhiteOut. He is also working with Helena Waldmann in “Glukstuk” that premiered in 2011 in Berlin at RadialSistem ant toured Germany, Swiss, Innsbruck and was part of TanzFestival Steps 2012. In 2012 collaborated again with Fabian Chyle in “ Platzregen_ProjectH”, in ECLAT Festival Neue Musik | Theaterhaus, Stuttgart, Germany.In 2013 performed “Shicht” by Oliver Lange at Ewerk, Freiburg. DIRECTED and made dramaturgy for “invisible roads” ” with Laura Heinecke & Company. In 2014 collaborated and danced in the performance|concert|installationwith Antonis Adamopoulos, Michael Heupel, Chrysanthy Bomba and Margot Zweers in “Das Geschenk von Un” (2014) at Freie Akademie der Künste, Hamburg. During all of these years, he has been giving some workshops|classes as well as developing his own pieces and studies as “Ar” (2006), “um género de café com açúcar”(2007), “¿género”(2008), “M”(2009), “o que é que liga um ser humano a outro ser humano?”(2009), “all gates open”(2009)in Lisbon; “Monstro”(2010) “Habitaculum”(2010), “inwitheout#organisms”(2010), “half douzen billion others”(2011) in Berlin. Last projects where “what the body knows that we don’t know”(2012)at Dock11(Berlin), “Amenta”(2011|12) at Dock11 (Berlin)/ZDB (Lisbon)/Andaime (Porto), and “Mikrologie der Krise”(2012) with Flocks & Shoals at Hoftheater (Berlin), “RAM MAN a wild sheep dance” in Dock11, 2013 (Berlin). Now giving Laboratories in various cities and developing “ZYGODACTIL” and “RHINO” with FLOCKS & SHOALS COLLECTIVE.