Profession: Photographer
  • Film / Video
  • Photography
  • Writing
  • ElNiño aka Pablo Apezteguia is a young photographer from Spain, currently based in Berlin.
    This lost boy’s often homoerotic and intimate photography is full of powerful and sadomasochistic feelings and deeply personal at all times. Being mainly autobiographical he likes to show his world through a series of photographic auto exorcisms. His own fears, past experiences, perversions and fetishes, they all become part of a strange little universe which he skillfully reigns. Usually in black and white, but equally effective in colour, his creativity knows no limits and his scars and traumas are transformed into gothic poems filled with nightmares, self mutilation, crosses and virgins.
    Born in 1985, he studied photography in IDEP. And since then, he has come a long way. ElNiño has managed what only the best of photographers can. He has turned his confessionals into real art. His personal fears, his body, his surroundings and his insides are being transformed to eventually become much more than just a diary. It becomes work that means something to everyone of us, regardless of gender, age, race and that for a good reason. In ElNiño’s pictures, agonies so personal, are channeled through his camera and turned into human agonies, into art that works on as many levels as possible and touches the human psyche.