Sonia Camacho

Profession: Illustrator · Artist
  • Art
  • Sonia Camacho is a Berlin-based illustrator and artist born in Seville, Spain (1980), who currently is developing illustration and design projects in Europe.

    She majored in Advertising and PP RR, but she has always been involved in artistic activities.

    At the age of 18 she founded her first artist collective, Vulcano. Later, she joined the group Grupo Esquivo siglo XXXII, belonging to the Faculty of Fine Arts in Seville, Spain. With this group she took part in prestigious exhibitions, such as “Sensualidad”, Huelva, Spain (2005); “Me quedé de piedra” in the Caja Sur building, Córdoba, 2007; or Lo Tengo como presente, in the Museum of Contemporary Arts José María Moreno Galván in Puebla de Cazalla (Seville, Spain), also in 2007, etc.

    She has taken part in collective exhibitions, such as Tarot, Seville (2013); H2O, Experiencias, Saragossa (2008); “’El Inmueble”’ arte en domicilio, Malaga (2002), amongst others.

    She works as well with the Grupo Ocio creativo, and they have jointly developed and executed several artistic projects, such as “Te lo cambio” in Seville (2012); “Arte mercado” in Morón de la Frontera (2010); “La noche blanca del Flamenco” in Córdoba (2010); as well as other exhibitions and events.

    She also collaborates with the NGO Boards without Borders, based in Berlin, designing catalogues to show the works of different artists to raise funds for the NGO. The November 2013 catalogue was presented at the Bambi awards, promoted by Intel.

    Sonia Camacho is currently experimenting with illustration techniques based on the execution of simple yet powerful portraits. The effects are based in the dexterity of the drawing, the captation of the psychological moment, and the originality of her compositions. Her exhibitions, such as the one in el Colectivo, Berlin (2012) and recently at the ICD Berlin (2014) are proof of this.