Petrov Ahner

Profession: Portrait/Art Photographer
  • Photography
  • After starting out in fashion photography in Munich and Miami, I moved to Paris
    in 1994, where I continued my fashion work in various domains with editorial
    fashion shootings, catalogues, campaigns, backstage photography and direct
    collaborations with fashion designers on an international level. At the same
    time I started out in portrait and reportage photography.

    During the years, the commitment for cultural, political and social focal points
    took on a greater significance for me.

    Current projects vary between collaborations with visual artists (photography of
    exhibitions, performances and installations), comissioned work and personal projects.

    Since 2009 based in Berlin.


    Jean-Paul Knott, Cerruti 1881, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Bermhard Willhelm, Lutz, Brownie & Blondie

    High Fashion , Elle Japan, Elle Belgium, Depeche Mode, DS, Perso, Jalouse, Tracks, Upstreet, TAZ, Tagesspiegel

    Gallerys and Institutions:
    German Institute for Human Rights, Abnormals Gallery, Gallery Bauchhund, SineDie Project-Room, Silver Silver Lopez Project-Room, Sprechsaal, xpon-art gallery, Kreuzberg Pavillion

    Artist Collaborations:
    Amaru Cholango, Barbara Fragogna, Karen Haase, Orvar, Andrea Penzo & Cristina Fiore, Alexander Rodin , Miriam Wuttke


    October 17- Dec 18 2014 „Asyl“

    6th European month of photography Berlin, Sprechsaal

    Oct 2013: “Drop Out”
    Contre Zona Rassegna d’arte Contemporanea Mestre “Drop Out”

    May 5 -June 10 2012 Endstation, Königswinter
    Berliner Künstler auf der Intensivstation, Group Exhibition

    February 11-March 3 2012 Goldener Saal Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin
    Festival Tacheles Biennale 2012
    Werkschau 22 Years, Group Exhibition

    November 26 – December 18 2011 Gallery xpon-art, Hamburg
    Anschlag, Group Exhibition
    in collaboration with Miriam Wuttke (performance)

    June 17-July 17 2011 Silver Silver Lopez Project-Room, Berlin
    FocusDiversion /// Luxury Homes, Group Exhibition

    May 21 –May 29 2011 Goldener Saal Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin
    Whistleblower-Licht ins Dunkle bringen

    April 2 2011 Bauchhund Gallery. Berlin
    Werkschau 5 years, Group Exhibition

    Jan 21- Feb 11 2011 Abnormals Gallery, Berlin
    Fashion Weak, Group Exhibition

    Oct 8- Nov 5 2010 New Gallery Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin
    Burned Condition, Site specific photo installation

    Oct 1- Nov 5 2010 sineDie ProjectRoom, Berlin
    1984, Photo exhibition Orvar + Petrov Ahner

    Mar 2010 Espace le vend se leve Paris
    Stepping out of the dark, Slideshow of portraits of illigal immigrants

    2007 Galerie Vie, Tokio
    The Belgium Way

    2002 Museum of Fashion and textiles, Louvre, Paris
    Track 2, Track-Magazine

    1999 Carusel du Louvre, Paris
    What is fashion? Beaux Art Magazine