Blake Worrell

Profession: Actor / Writer / Singer / Composer
  • Acting
  • Music
  • Born and raised in Los Angeles, Blake has a professional background in all areas of entertainment. From high budget film productions to major worldwide performances, his experience overshadows most in his field. He currently has an extended association with many major productions today. At the early age of 12, Blake was welcomed to ILM after repeated requests to walk on the campus and meet those responsible for the magic he had seen on the big screen. At age 13 he sat in and watched Roy London classes in Los Angeles, observing even Brad Pitt practice on stage. At age 19, Blake had already worked as a PA for many major productions such as one Aerosmith and Cypress HIll music video and was already the youngest professional sound engineer in Los Angeles, working full time at Roger Corman Studios (Concorde).

    Blake Worrell first came to Berlin in 2000, when he was hired from overseas to work on a 3D animated children’s cartoon series in the sound department at Babelsberg/Potsdam. He officially moved to Berlin in 2002, and since has been working as a professional music performer, making his mark in over 3,000 festivals and venues large and small around the world, gaining various live stage experience with crowds of up to 6,000 people. His most known projects are called “Puppetmastaz” and “Blake Worrell” (solo show).

    Currently, Blake is studying intensely with several professionals from New York and Los Angeles, in voice training, acting and improvisation. In 2014, Blake has launched his career as an actor and has already starred in several significant productions from TV commercials to short films.

    With an extensive experience in entertainment, you can be sure to be working with a skilled professional who understands the significance of a good production. Blake Worrell, is very attentive, enthusiastic and easy to work with.