Ben Asif

Profession: ART&FASHION...
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    As a young child Ben Asif always had a great passion and admiration for the art’s, which originated in his hometown of Nahariya in the North of Israel.

    This passion grew with him as he ventured into different artistic mediums, one of which was the art of Photography. It wasn’t until he attended a David Lachapelle photo exhibition in Milan, Italy that Ben drew confirmation and inspiration that photography would be his artistic calling and the best way to express himself and his artistic vision to the world around him.

    With this newfound inspiration, in 2009 Ben attended the school of Minshar Academy of Art in Tel Aviv, Israel. The school offered a variety of photographic courses that Ben took a liking to, one of which was Fashion Photography as Ben had an interest in Fashion growing up this became his choice of consideration and study.

    After Minshar Academy, Ben continued his studies as a graduate student with Ron Kedmi in Tel Aviv.

    Today Ben’s work has been described as unique, clean and powerful. He has become a sought out photographer available for hire worldwide. His work has been published in various publications such as “Kalblut” Germany and “Gracián Collection” to name a few.he did Campaign for Canon London and for a few school’s of make-up, He has won many awards including the WBF 2013 International Photography Awards and continues to express him self to us all.