The Shells 2015

Profession: Creative Director
  • Theater
  • “THE SHELLS – Ausflug nach Neu-Friedenwald“ is an immersive theater performance inspired by David Lynch’s TWIN PEAKS.
    Berlin, June 2015.

    Summer in Neu-Friedenwald and the small town is buzzing. With the annual tourist season about to begin the idyllic community is brushing up to appear in the best light when they open their gates to the world outside.
    The merry preparations are disturbed by the sudden news of the town’s golden girl Cecilia’s untimely death. What is first thought a tragic accident turns out to be a killing that tears a deep, gaping wound into the fabric of the town. Triggered by the violent act, the suburban paradise’s facade is crumbling fast and in the wake of this destabilization, the inhabitants’ perfect masks are slipping: Neu-Friedenwald’s carefully constructed structures collapse, order is usurped by chaos and people’s abysses begin to come to light.

    25 years after the final episode of Lynch’s cult TV series TWIN PEAKS aired, we think it a well-timed moment to revisit the cultural phenomenon and adapt it in our own way – as a participatory immersive theater performance that takes Lynch’s motivic concerns as a leadoff to develop its own narratives. In other words, TWIN PEAKS is a starting point and red thread, primarily in terms of loose plot, themes, character constellations, aesthetics and atmosphere; the performance, however, is not an homage or adaptation.
    The piece is scheduled to run for eight days in June 2015 in Berlin, Germany. Intense preparation (character and further plot development, and workshops for performers) will take place from February 2015; the most integral prep-phase (set building, set rehearsals) will begin in May 2015. Within this time frame, there is flexibility in terms of commitment, but as it is a large-scale production, we need to rely on a common understanding that all our collaborators are willing and able to devote ample time and energy to being part of the process beyond the scope of merely being present for the performance itself.
    THE SHELLS – Ausflug nach Neu-Friedenwald is a collaborative creative fringe theater effort organized by a group of multi-disciplinary artists interested in realizing their shared creative vision rather than financial gain or commercial success. Due to an absolute belief in the great potential and invaluable multiplicity of perspectives, experiences and knowledge that come with collaboration on respectful terms, we are tapping into a wide range of networks who are interested and willing to help make it all happen.
    “We” are an already existing group of mostly Berlin-based artistic collaborators, looking to meet and work with other writers, producers, set- and costume designers, hair- and make up artists, performers, as well as dedicated and talented TWIN PEAKS-lovers to facilitate an interdisciplinary creative dialogue, broaden our own and the project’s horizons and enlarge our team.