Paloma Lirola

Profession: Show woman -Singer, comediant, culture shaker
  • Entertainment
  • I’m a Show-Woman living in Berlin since 2010. I was born in the south of Spain (Andalucía).

    On the stage is where I feel more comfortable, free and confident but I also develop other activities because my mind can’t stay calm one minute.

    I play ukulele and sing Swing with my band “Whatever Rita Wants” (

    I also sing in different bands, Jazz Trio, Humboldt Big Band, etc.

    As a Culture Shaker I organise and moderate events like “Noches de Comedia: Winterdiversión”, a Stand up Comedy in spanish here in Berlin.

    As a tourist guide and Berlin lover I designed my own tour about “The Golden Twenties in Berlin”. Check out “Berlin Epoque”.

    I also write articles in different blogs, mostly about Berlin and in spanish.