Profession: Filmmaker
  • Film / Video
  • HMTL://S is a visual artist and filmmaker. He combines various techniques of film shooting and live editing, the clips are often filmed with old analog cameras to obtain a photography that was proper of the past. He s actually attracted by the exploration and film of old industrial area. Here nature slowly rise to the artificial structures while creating new strange landscapes in which the two elements coexist. Urban exploration and street art are also part of HMTL://S art. The future project in which he works is a featured film which includes of the characteristics of a surrealist, abstract point of view upon humanity, megalomania. The provisional title for the script is “Nullreich”.


    Concrete Cosmos

    8 March 2013 Founder

    Concrete Cosmos is a multimedia project by Ivan Re. It’s main purpose is to share events, physical release, spontaneous art actions in the Berlin area.
    The creator is involved in music, sound art, video art and writing. All that is inside Concrete Cosmos comes out from the need to experience with these kind of media, discover new relationship between them.
    No matter about canonical genres, all we do is not for only commercial or shareable purposes.
    Associated artists have been involved in various activities since 2011 in Sicily with underground and free party culture. In Berlin since 2013 into galleries, autonomous spaces or clubs among others: Urban Spree, Subland, English Theatre, Fiese Remise to name a few.