Marcos Feminella

Profession: Drummer
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  • Marcos Feminella is a drum teacher based in Berlin. Member of the bands In Legend (GER), Denis Warren (UK) and Stormental (BRA).

    Born in Florianópolis, Brazil in 1981, Marcos started to play at the age of 13 and by the age of 18 he could already be seen playing professionally. From the start of his career he’s always been supported by relatives and friends.

    Marcos attended several drum classes and clinics with Brazilian drummers like Pascoal Meirelles, Nenê, Endrigo Bettega and Kiko Freitas. At the age of 22 he started to teach at his own studio and now runs his own school called “Academia de Bateria” Marcos Feminella (Marcos Feminella’s Drums Academy).

    In 2005, Marcos formed the band Stormental, one of the most original revelations in the Metal scene in Brazil with their raw and progressive music. The band released their first album through the internet for free download and with this, Marcos won the nomination of one of the top 5 Metal drummers in Brazil in 2006, according to the site “Metal is the Law”.

    With Stormental, Marcos toured Europe twice: In 2006, promoting the band’s debut album and in 2008, released the DVD Mental “Live” Storm and a USB Stick with their entire work. In 2012, the band released the avant-garde CD/DVD called “Perception of the Other”, a mix of contemporary dance and Heavy Metal on the same stage. In 2013, SESC Música promoted a tour and brought this spectacle to 28 brazilian cities.

    Perception of the Other is the result of an earlier experience from 2007 when Marcos was part of a dance masterpiece by the same dance company (Siedler Cia de Dança). He played Stormental songs, electronic songs and solos as soundtracks for the dancers.

    Marcos plays for Denis Warren in his solo project. He is a London-based Brazilian guitarist and a long time friend. They recorded the albums “Deep” in 2010 and “High” in 2013.

    Also in 2013, Marcos organized along with Marcelo Moreira (Almah, Burning in Hell) the “Drums Orchestra”, an event with 25 musicians that made their hometown heart beat strongly.

    In 2014, he won a scholarship at Drumtrainer Berlin and was invited to be the new drummer for the Rock piano based German band In Legend.

    Further info:
    – In 2007, Marcos released a book with drums transcriptions and comments of 4 Stormental songs: Rising, Stormental, The Conquer and Unleashing the Madness.

    Web links:

    Oficial discography and videography:
    CD Stormental – 2006
    VIDEO CLIP Stormental – 2006
    VIDEO CLIP Rising Live – Stormental – 2006 DOCUMENTARY European Tour 2006 – Stormental – 2007 EP Unleashing the Madness – Stormental – 2007
    SINGLE Live! – Stormental – 2008
    DVD Mental “Live” Storm – Stormental – 2008
    VIDEO CLIP In Front of You – Stormental – 2009
    CD Deep – Denis Warren – 2010
    DVD Perception of the Other – Stormental – 2012
    CD High – Denis Warren – 2013
    Vinil 4 Seasons, 4 Reasons – Stormental – 2014 (tbc)

    Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals KR Custom Drums
    BMA Racks

    Workshow with Aquiles Priester – 2005.
    Workshow with Ricardo Confessori – 2006
    Workshop KR Custom Drums. Itajaí/SC – 27/11/2007
    Workshop KR Custom Drums. Blumenau/SC – 28/11/2007
    Workshop KR Custom Drums. Florianópolis/SC – 29/11/2007
    Workshop with Garry King and Alex Paulista. Florianópolis/SC – 23/10/2010

    Marcos has played with the bands:
    Bossarockers, Alma Blues, Möngrel, Black Jack, Allmen’s Band, as well as a session drummer for Banho de Lua, Fred Lee, Blakk Market, Banda X, CODA, Mirábilis, Heptafy and Danny Vincent.

    Pro Training at Drumtrainer Berlin
    I, III and IV Itajaí Music Festivals – Teachers: Pascoal Meirelles, Guilherme Gonçalves and Cláudio Infante.
    XX Curitiba Music Festival – Teacher: Nenê.
    II Southern Brazil Drummers’ Meeting – 1993.
    Sound Engineering – Teacher: Carlos Pedruzzi. Audio Engineering – Studio Metatron.