Analogcut Mastering

Profession: Mastering studio, Handmade Vinyl production.
  • Music
  • Analogcut is a mastering studio and vinyl dubplate cutting room in Berlin Kreuzberg. Thanks to our high-end analog equipment we can achieve the best sound for your music, adding “warmth”, punch, brilliance and details to it.

    Most of times artists or producers are not completely satisfied by the sound quality of their mixdown, and the solution can be found in the last creative and corrective stage of the music production, that gives a new life to your project: mastering. Thanks to high-grade analog processing, extremely detailed monitoring system and our highly skilled mastering engineer we get the most detailed, rich and brilliant sound possible from the source material, achieving the highest sound quality.

    Handmade vinyl dubplate cutting service (with the same durability of a pressed records) gives an opportunity for Djs to play a different set, cutting own tracks, loops or acapellas on vinyl or creating custom records for scratch. Cutting small runs of vinyls we help independent labels and artists to promote their music in an affordable way.