Bobbie Rae

Profession: Drummer,Vocalist, Producer, Songwriter..
  • Music
  • Born in Brooklyn NYC .
    Over 50 tours thus far.
    To name Just a few:
    From Alt acts as a kid :Executive Slacks,M.D.M.A..
    To live and recorded work with U.Ks
    “Spear Of Destiny and Paul Raven from killing Joke
    To Producing, recording and touring 7 c.ds as musical director and producer
    Of jazz pianist Rachel Z of”Peter Gabriel / Wayne shorter fame..
    Also has fronted groups as a vocalist and worked collaborating on Fused art commissions and performance art instillations as well with shalom Newman of Fusion art gallery of NYC amongst others.
    “Bobbie” on what he does.
    I can work in Rock,Alt,and Jazz musics freely because “I believe that art is best made in union with others and I give everything I’ve got in stage and in the studio”
    “That push and pull can birth amazing
    results and I’m proud to participate in that process”…