Words are not transparent

  • Art
  • Posted by: Zack Helwa

    We welcome the emerging artist Naifei Wu for her first solo show taking place at our FK-Galerie. We invite you to celebrate a collection of works of combined visual scapes of video, installations and interactive projects that delve into the nature of language structure, systems of signs, communication in general as well as cognitive models and social mechanisms.

    Language is never transparent. It is not merely a tool through which we express ourselves. It is a structured system of signs bearing intricate relations to their referents and loaded with multifaceted cultural and social connotations. Through her works, Naifei tries to create a space where the intersection of different subjectivities is possible. A place that is comfortable for participation to occur, to generate shared experiences and to conceive meanings. And the outcome— especially the verbal and written product— is fascinating not only in its power of provoking further discussions but also in its poetic beauty.