School of Machines, Making, &Make-Believe Call for Artists!

  • Class / Workshop
  • Posted by: School of Machines, Making, & Make-Believe

    The School of Machines, Making, and Make-Believe located in Berlin is calling for artists and creatives to take our course Augmented Ear Reality. This workshop is lead by sound artist Anotoine Bertin and visual artist Helen Combal-Weiss. In this course participants will explore materials, shapes, the human-body, binaural recordings, interactive audio, and listening practices.

    Our listening reality is intimate, tactile, spatial, social and temporal. Using creative, analog and digital means of bending the sense of hearing, students are invited to explore the idea of a sound-driven virtual reality. Listening through the ear, listening through skin, listening through bones: through the creation of wearable ‘ear accessories’, the group will devise original strategies of blurring the boundary between the virtual and the real.

    Join us on a journey to reveal new and unexpected sensations!