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  • Posted by: Thomas Miller

    I’m still somewhat new to the NYC market. My focus is on straight plays rather than musicals, TV or film. I’m struggling with figuring out where to aim my efforts.

    Backstage and Actor’s Access are great resources for casting calls in the near future. However, if I want to research upcoming productions for roles I might be good for so i can send out mailings, that information seems very hidden.

    I’ve gone on Theatrical Index to look up future productions. I’ve gone to the websites of specific houses to see what they’re doing. I’ve tried to cross-reference that info with searches for casting calls on Backstage. It doesn’t seem to line up in a reliable way, however.

    I can’t seem to get reliable intel on upcoming productions in a timely enough manner to reach out to casting directors in an informed way. This is very frustrating.

    Does anyone out there have advice on how to keep abreast of upcoming productions and what stage they are at in the casting process?

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