Creative videographer/ editor for daily nude art project

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  • Posted by: Naked SURAnade

    Hey! My name is Sura Hertzberg and I’m a performing artist. This month I’m doing a daily nude singing video project, and I would love some collaborative help. I don’t have any budget, but if you are interested in practicing your video skillz, let’s work together. Link to youtube page:

    Here is the information: Naked SURAnade is a daily nude musical video project from the performing artist Sura Hertzberg. Singing is when I feel the most vulnerable. Nudity is the most vulnerable physical state we can be in. It is my wish to combine these two to get into a daily practice of exposing and humbling. My goal is to see the body as a place of expression and tenderness and inspiration. The body is power. The body is political. The naked body is sensual not only sexual. The songs I’ve chosen are ones that move and uplift me, make me feel warm, make me feel loved. I hope you feel this way too.