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    We’re a team of experienced and enthusiastic web developers and online marketers looking for talented designers to collaborate with.
    You’re a designer looking for a supportive and understanding development and marketing team that can bring your designs to life.
    Let’s work together!

    We’re building a network of designers that we collaborate closely with over the long term. Here’s how it works:
    – Expand the services you can offer clients. We’ll provide you with the advice and assistance you need to make solid quotes and manage development projects without running over time or over budget.
    – Reach a new client base. We are regularly asked to to source designers for a range of projects. Our priority is to refer to designers in our network. We will also feature our design partners on our (coming soon!) new website and other promotional channels.
    – Earn a commission on development work. We’re offering a 15% referral fee on web development projects that you send our way.
    – Network and learn new skills. We’re planning quarterly community events kicking off soon. Stay tuned.

    If this sounds interesting, get in touch at and let’s get to know each other!

    We’re a small and passionate team of developers and online marketers based in Berlin. We have experience building and promoting a wide range of web projects, from media and journalism to e-commerce, social networks and data visualisation.

    With a focus on ethical business, social and environmental justice, and the tech and creative sectors. Our clients include startup hub betahaus, global renewable energy companies, and Humboldt University.

    Just as importantly, our diverse life experiences mean we bring a sympathetic and understanding approach to collaboration. We listen to and respect the designers we work with and do our best to avoid tech speak and jargon to build great working relationships.

    We’re looking to expand our network of skilled designers so we can offer more to our clients and find new work opportunities.

    You’re a freelance designer or agency looking for reliable, talented developers and marketers that you can trust.

    We’d like to help you expand the services you can offer your clients and provide you with the technical and marketing support that you need.

    You have experience and a solid portfolio, and you’re looking for new collaborations to take your work to the next level.

    betahaus Academy:
    Galerie Czarnowska:
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    Check out our portfolio:
    Take a look at our blog, or connect on Facebook or Twitter.

    Contact us at and let’s build a great working relationship!