Photographer’s Assistant Required

  • Photography
  • Posted by: David

    I am looking for a suitable companion for my photo projects; an assistant so to speak. I want to work with someone who is on my page and who is prepared to commit to a longterm partnership. I photograph mainly in the fashion and music industries but fashion photography is my main passion.

    Previous experience is unnecessary and age is irrelevant (a certain level of maturity is required but you can be as young as 16 and possess such maturity or over 30 and still not be there). Above all, I want to work with someone who is focussed on learning and personal development. You must be a perfectionist; someone who is prepared to work till late to get the right result. I will never exploit you but I will demand industry. I would normally pay around 15% to an assistant but I will pay you more because you will be more than an assistant. You will be liaising with designers, networking, always on the lookout for opportunities, telling me that an idea is crap when I’m too blinded by stress to notice. You will care.

    If you are interested in being involved please reply with a covering letter and a CV.