Hexagonalé N°2 w/ White Lie, DJ Jim Panse, Freak Ass E

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  • Posted by: Golden Mint Productions

    Hiphop x soul x funk x jazz x disco x house

    Hexagonalé is a conceptual event series playing around with the most important musical milestones leading up to what we today call hiphop, curated by Golden Mint Productions.

    Hexagon: a polygon with six edges and six vertices. When the hexagon is halved down the center, the sides become mirror images of each other.


    White Lie (Golden Mint Productions)
    www.soundcloud.com/whitelie-berlin / www.whitelie-berlin.tumblr.com

    White Lie (aka Whitest Female Hiphop DJ Alive) hails from Sweden but started DJing in Berlin in late 2014. Her perfect blend of soul, neo soul, jazz and hiphop is always carefully selected by this DJ turned party promoter, humble record collector and occasional radio host.

    What started out as an experiment and a cheeky way to poke fun at Berlin’s male-dominated techno scene quickly took her further than expected, and she’s nowhere near stopping. Perpetually experimenting, she doesn’t shy away from any challenge and always wins over the crowd, whether they like it groovy, mellow or bouncy. The music selection is a jumble mélange; from saxophone to rap.


    DJ Jim Panse

    DJ Jim Panse started using DJ-tools as teenager in the mountain jungle of south Germany in the 90’s. Ever since then hiphop was his heartbeat and he discovered all the sounds around it. So he’ll make you groove to all kinds of tunes within and around hiphop that makes monkeys go bananas.

    After conquering the dirty south with the Theben Apes DJ-Team and his band Villa he took a flying leap and relocated to the concrete jungle of Berlin. Teaming up with Abba Lang, several projects evolved and Berlin became his home territory. Together they’ve been working on their own radio/tv show “tha Shiznit”, “Hip Soul”, a group project with singer songwriter Holly Holden, and “Yza Ya”, a fusion of various music styles, as well as their solo-projects.

    Catch him in his natural habitat, behind the decks getting you monkeywild.


    Freak Ass E

    Born & bred in Westberlin, Freak Ass E has been playing records in public since around 1998. He is the founder of experimental dub band X.A.Cute and host of the bi-weekly Freakouternational radio show on mutlicult.fm as well as the DJ night of the same name.

    As a producer, musician and DJ, he has been working with artist such as Mike Ladd, Infinite Livez, Shadowhuntaz, Ari Up, Miss Red, Arto Lindsay, Ethnique Punch, Wahre Schule, and Guido Moebius on stage and/or in the studio. With DJing roots in dub and hip hop, his love for outernational music has led the Freak to play (and dig!) in musically rich places as Ghana, Malawi, Israel, UK, Jamaica, Belgium, Hungary and Poland. He is not into soccer.


    No entrance or such crap


    Supported by Benibla & Indieberlin
    Photo by Adlan Mansri Photography