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    If you would like to be photographed by Berliner you don’t know and take a photo of another Berliner you don’t know next day, please email me to: portraitdaily@gmail.com
    The photo shoot takes place at the model’s homes. The whole body is captured on the photo. Those who want can be naked, otherwise in underwear. Photographing is for free. In order to take part you have to be over 18. All 365 photos will be exhibited in a gallery and a book will be published. Project is non-profit.
    Daily Portrait IV Berlin 2015-2016: One camera and 365 Berliners. I photographed Elle in her apartment. I gave her my camera and she did take a photo of M in her apartment next day. M photographed Jonathan and Jonathan photographed Carise and Carise photographed Christoph and Christoph photographed Joanna and Joanna photographed Terka and Terka photographed Stephan… Until 365 photos will be made.