Watercolor Workshop

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  • Posted by: Lujan Cordaro

    Monthly WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP for adults

    Do you like painting but have no experience? Do you feel like lacking the tools to express your ideas on paper? Anyone is welcome to join this Introduction to Watercolor Workshop! You don’t need to have previous experience at all and YES, You CAN paint!
    I know watercolors sound dangerous but as any other media, you just need to know how they work.
    Once you have the tools, you’ll be able to create your artwork with no problem at all, plus, You will even Enjoy It!

    You’ll learn all about the basics about beautiful watercolors: how much water, how much color, how to go from a color to the other, how to make your stains look professional..! We’ll also analyze some great watercolorists’ work to see the effects you can be able to produce. I’m sure you’ll be amused by the results.

    I’ll also share some technical tips to make your way through watercolors a little more joyful.
    Everything will work out better if you know about the right material to use; correct paper and big water-holder-brushes.

    Small groups only ( I like having personalized classes) so please write to me in advance to confirm there is place.
    Oh and I speak English, Spanish und ein bisschen Deutsch.

    –> When? Every last Thursday of the month (May 26th, June 30th,..) at 6 PM.
    –> Where? In Grünbergerstrasse, Friedrichshain.
    –> Who am I?
    My name is Luján, but Lu is easier. I’ve formally studied Fashion Design but since I can remember I was attending Art classes of every kind. I studied caricatures and comics, Fine Arts, Illustration, and I’ll leave out a couple not to bore you.
    I’ve fallen in love with Kids Books Illustration 5 years ago and since then I can’t stop painting fairy tale looking paintings, with watercolors.

    Get in touch!